Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures from 10/10/10:

Thursday, September 30, 2010

xtra bullets performing at 10 + 10 + 10 = 30, an xtra special birthday event!

Folks! Please join us for a super fabulous Greenpoint performance as we restage 'Groove On To Exhale: i can do bad all by myself'. The evening will also contain a performance by Chicas Vas, a harmonium sing-a-long, a snoop dogg dance party, the largest subway sandwich EVER, and many more exciting surprises--all in a church basement!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Performance March 6th, 2010 7PM. Chez Bushwick 304 Boerum St. #23; Brooklyn, NY 11206

Our Process: GROOVE ON TO EXHALE (i can do bad all by myself)

Michele:  These are the things I have in mind: Solos, Sitting Down To A Table, Music/ Soundtrack
Parameter, Material, Theme, Character.

Rachel: Will if we are making a something for Chez Bushwick?
Solo's, two people are not doing something.

Hannah: Two people who are "out" do something. A task or repetition. Rachel and I make  a model of my apartment? 
Maybe I can get the table from my marriage? 
Maybe I can dance on top of the white table from my marriage?

Rachel: Bundle on top of the white table? 
I would like to do something with all my city maps.

Hannah: I had an idea that you could describe one of your city maps.

Michele: What about using the maps as part of the structure?

Rachel: At that Bushwick open studios we attended I was interested in that diorama, the artist created out of glass.

Hannah: That could b eon the floor of the space.

Michele: What about doing it on a large trap?

Rachel: The artist made a park with pink trees, it was on the floor. I might like to do something where I am standing on the map and talking, but the floor may have nothing to do with what I am talking about.

Hannah: At the Haiti Relief art show an artist had pictures of national geographic they were working with.

Michele:  Site, all these things we create at this site, we are building our own world.

Rachel: We are de-marking the space and building our own world. 

Hannah: What about music? 
I liked playing "Today, Was A Good Day" last year, one song.
What about one snoop dog song from each album? 

Michele: HMMMM.....

Hannah: Costumes?

Rachel: The coat with the mink collar you gave me.

Hannah: I like the idea of the fur.

Michele: That's nice.

Hannah: Snoop always wears fur coats in his winter theme videos.

Rachel: Should we go back to solos?

Michele: I am looking for theme. 

Rachel: I think the theme is about creating a world in that time and place. Last year was "cabin".

Michele: Uh....huh.....
This building is a site. Hannah is building her apartment. Rachel has the maps.

Rachel: I am obsessed with the space of the mind and the space outside our mind. If we are stressed or depressed we can get cancer. So maybe we are describing the mental space.

Hannah: The physical space becomes the mental space. 

Rachel: The audience has t come with us, because.

Hannah: I am interested in the apartment going out into the audience.

Michele: We should have the audience go sit on all sides.

Hannah: It will become the frame.

Michele: I am thinking about this table idea. I am thinking about the table. I am thinking hay, bales of hay. It looks like a farm.

Rachel: Like a skit from hee-ha?

Michele: Totally. Where do we get hay?

Rachel: Feed Store upstate.

Hannah: Describe the structure.

Rachel:  I will remove the map.

Michele Hannah: No!

Rachel:  As a woman you are not suppose to take up space, make people move, adjust.

Michele: You certainly are not suppose to make people move. 

Rachel: It's risky to get into people's faces. With Belly Dance you are up in people's faces. People are close to you as you perform. In their faces, venerable.  That's why I loved the Meg Stuart piece "At The Table".

Hannah: In the Meg Stuart piece they had characters.  I am interested in the process of just being in the space.

Rachel: I am interested in the process of just being Rachel. Not Rachel the performing. 

Michele: I can't preconceive a character. 

Rachel: I am really deliberate. You have to project your voice louder. The audience is there. 

Michele: I would like to use my voice more. 

Rachel: Talking or making noises?

Michele: Talking.
Do we enter all at once?

Rachel: I think we all enter at once.

Michele: Have a song there. We aren't bringing everything on.

Hannah: Maybe it's there?

Rachel: I love it, as an audience member, when all the sudden something has been constructed.

Michele: I am having this impulse, we come in put things down. We hold hands. We Bow to the audience. 

Rachel: One time I had to do this workshop, in which all the participants made eye contact.

Hannah: Maybe one person does not bow and does that.

Michele:  I like us all doing the same thing.

Hannah: I have an idea about the costume. We are naked under the coats and we put on track suits. 

Michele: ( Points to the tea pot on the table) I like this tea pot!

Hannah: Do you hate that I always want us to be naked.

Michele: I had a global dream last night, where I was saying that I was happy that it was hot.
 I love being naked, it's so freeing.
Someone has to carry on the track suits. 
The woman who I am working with say's it is hard to be psychologically naked.

Hannah: Can we be in various states of bush? 

Michele: What do you mean?

Hannah:  I get a bikini, someone cuts, someone is grown out. Pubic Hair.

Rachel: I trim.

Michele: Solo, solo, one person is working on building the structure? 

Rachel: I think towards the end of it being constructed two people are working on it. To finish we all climb on the table.

Hannah: Maybe someone is  a pile of limbs on the table? I can do this for my solo.

Michele: I saw us sitting at the table in the end. 

Rachel: We need to have pants on for the hay.

Michele: Maybe the end is longer? 

Hannah: I would love to take the hay and make a pile. The beginning of the end is us sitting on the hay bales. 

Michele: Building of the apartment and building of a nest. Maybe we do two solos. I feel like the hay could be  a really beautiful duet. Maybe it's improvised. One person works on the structure. Middle person decides what to do.

Rachel: Go into the audiences lap. 

Michele: I hate that shit.

Rachel: I think it would be fun to lay in peoples lap. 

Hannah: What do you think about music?

Michele: Snopp really loud.

Rachel: In our fur collar coats.

Michele: We are all talking.

Hannah: Sit at the table in the beginning, stop talking when the music stops. Look at each other and smile. We come back to the table in the middle and one person starts hay.

Michele: Apartment 15 minutes to build. Straw 10 minutes.

Rachel: I am excited about this!

Hannah: Mmmm.......Hmmmm......

Michele: Now we have to find an ending. (goes pee)

Hannah:  So an ending. 

Michele: I don't think we have to decide that today. 

Rachel:  We have done a lot.

Michele: Mmmm........Hmmmm.....
Do any of you have an idea of what the music is playing from?

Hannah: First it should be playing loud through the PA. 

Rachel: I think they have  a PA.

Michele: What should it be called? 

Rachel: Drinking a bottle of wine in 45 minutes.

Hannah: Rammed Earth.

Michele: What about wood, straw, and ladies?

Rachel: Hannah: LAUGHTER

Rachel: What about I don't want any straw in my junk? 

Hannah: Mental Landscape

Rachel: Mental Landscape In My Butt. Too Much Cheese In My Stomach.

Michele: A study with....... building materials?

Rachel: Haz Mat

Michele: Do people know what Haz Mat means?

Rachel: Riding in cars with transsexuals?

Hannah: Why?

Rachel: There was a stupid movie with Drew Barrymore called Riding In Cars With Boys......


Monday, July 20, 2009

Performance On August 20th 2009

We will perform a randomly selected score on Thursday August 20th at 7PM. This is improvisation at it's best

Check the following website for details:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Performance Saturday March 7th, 2009 4PM

x-tra bullets will be performing as part of SITE at Chez Bushwick at 4 PM on Saturday March 7th, 2009.

Directions can be found by cutting and pasting this link:

This time the fabulous Rachel Gibbs will construct perfect architecture on stage, while Michele Torion Hower figures out the universe, and Hannah Harpole will reconcile the last year and  a half. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New York City Performance!

We are sharing a show in February with f/r movement stories!

Please call 718/387-3278 to request tickets. Leave a message with your full name and number of tickets. See you in February.